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Debian 9 running (extremelly) slow

Hello everybody,
I'm using Debian 8.9 on my old laptop(https://h10057.www1.hp.com/ecomcat/hpcatalog/specs/provisioner/05/GA009ET.htm). It is running fast(as Debian always used to run). I upgraded to 9.0(and later to 9.1) but it started to run slow so I did a fresh 9.1 install(home is on a different partition) but since the start is running extremely slow(including the installer).
Initially, I asked what could have caused this here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/382193/debian-9-vs-8-7-installer

It seems to me as every binary take longer to execute.
Looking at changes between versions(8 and 9) ASLR seems like something could affect large number of/every executable but according to this article: https://insights.sei.cmu.edu/cert/2014/02/differences-between-aslr-on-windows-and-linux.html the penalty should not be more than 25%.

Not sure if, in my case, this security feature is causing everything to be (if I'm not exaggerating) 100% slower but is it possible to disable this security feature ?

Alexandru IANCU

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