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Re: determining which apps have entries in the applications menu in xfce

On 08/02/2017 02:12 PM, Dan Hitt wrote:
> There's a program that i have on my system whose name i cannot find in
> the Applications menu.
> However, that might just be because i conducted a defective search.
> So i'm wondering if there's a systematic way to determine if the
> program is in the menu.  (Presumably it is a matter of looking in
> /usr/bin or something like that, although that cannot be the complete
> solution as there are a few thousand programs in /usr/bin, and they
> cannot all fit in the menu.  So i suspect there's a list somewhere . .
> . )

The applications list is from .desktop files in various locations in
your system, so searching for .desktop files in the packages (with
apt-file or dpkg) should work.

Try something like 'dpkg -L $package | grep desktop' or 'apt-file search
-F $package | grep desktop'.

Some applications also generate .desktop files and install themselves in
$HOME/.local/share/applications, so look in there as well.

Hope it helps.

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