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Re: Possible BUG - Qupzilla 2.1.2 in sid will not upgrade from 1.8.9

Not a single response on why two packages exist in unstable that are incapable of being installed?

Qupzilla 2.1.2 exists in the unstable repository as a replacement to 1.8.9 that lies in testing.
But it is prevented to install as it would cause breakage. I can"t figure out why or which dependency conflicts.
It seems that there are dependencies that do not exist in sid, I have not made a detail search yet for which
are missing.

In Arch/Manjaro Qupzilla 2 has been in stable and works flawlessly for many many months.
The big difference with qz 1.8 and 1.9 is that the speller works again using hunspell transformed by qtwebkit which
the pkg relies heavily on.

A full upgrade went well, with the exception of 2 pkgs being held back and uninstallable.

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