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Re: Problems with apt in a clean stretch install.

On Tue, Jul 04, 2017 at 08:17:53PM +0930, Wayne Hartell wrote:
> Thanks. Yeah I have tried importing keys (even though they already exist 
> as confirmed with 'apt-key list' and it makes no difference. All the keys 
> complained about are already present.
> I don't have enough experience nor understanding of Linux to know whether it's a bug or dumb user and though I suspect the latter, I feel like there's a chance it could be the former.

Did you try Phil Hartnell's suggestion? It sounds promising - In fact I had 
this exact issue on a relatives computer, and I'm going to try his 
suggestion later on. The sequence of events he describes sounds relevant to 
the situation I experienced, so worth a shot methinks. Please advise us how 
it goes. 

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