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Re: Superblock last write time is in the future.

Pascal Hambourg composed on 2017-07-03 21:06 (UTC+0200):

> Wellington Terumi Uemura composed:

>> I use Linux since Slackware 2.0, way before Windows 95. And up to Debian
>> 8, I've never, EVER, had to follow that procedure because it worked just
>> fine before.

> Really ?
> Setting the RTC with local time does not work with dual boot because 
> when daylight saving time comes, both systems will do the shift, 
> resulting in a 2 hour shift unless some time synchronization corrects it.

By default yes, but it need not stay that way. All my Windows installations use
local, and all are set to not recognize bi-annual time shifts. My LAN has too
many legacy nodes that only know local, so local it is on all, except for one
that provides no option for local, and another where time is never relevant.

Write time in the future has been common here for years.

I'm guessing OP has a problem due to adjtime missing from initrd because of
systemd's parallel processing having unfortunate timing on his hardware. The
Stretch I have currently booted runs with LOCAL in adjtime, has neither string
"utur" nor "rblock" in its journal, and no adjtime in its initrd.
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