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Re: How to Install to HDD from LIVE USB Flash Drive?

On Wed, 24 May 2017 14:43:16 +0200, err404@free.fr wrote:

>On 05/24/2017 02:16 PM, Larry Dighera wrote:
>> I just burned Debian-live-testing-amd64-lxde.iso
>> Is anyone able to offer a pointer to the method of installing to HDD from
>> the live USB image?
>> ADVthanksANCE 
>Hello larry
>you need to boot from your usb stick:
>like this:


Thank you for your kind response to my query.  

I did attempt to install from another Live image, but it hung while
attempting to install dual-boot as I recall.

The good news is, that installing 'firmware-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso'
from this page
worked perfectly.  I chose the Graphical Custom Install option, and
was able to specify an unallocated partition on my SSD for Stretch,
and the installer was smart enough to use the swap partition on
another drive used by an earlier Jessie installation.  

Best regards,

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