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Re: [A bit OT] Diagnosing home network

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 09:49:43AM -0400, Catherine Gramze wrote:
> > On May 20, 2017, at 9:38 AM, Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
> > 
> >> On Saturday 20 May 2017 01:41:20 Mark Fletcher wrote:
> >> 
> >> Hello!
> >> 
> >> I have some doubts about the throughput of my home network and I'm
> >> hoping for some advice on tools that might help me diagnose it.
> >> 
> >> My home network consists of 2 Debian machines, one Jessie and one
> >> Stretch, an LFS mini-ITX machine acting as my firewall, another LFS
> >> laptop that is connected only occasionally, a Windows 8.1 laptop, 3
> >> iPhones of varying ages, 2 iPads, 1 Android tablet device, a couple of
> >> other proprietary tablets and a Buffalo Linkstation that provides most
> >> of the connectivity.
> >> 
> >> The internet access is via Cable. I run an ethernet cable from the
> >> cable modem to the firewall machine, then from the firewall machine to
> >> the Linkstation's WAN port. The firewall machine's WiFi interface is
> >> disabled (I didn't include its driver when I built the kernel for that
> >> machine). The Jessie box, a phone-to-ethernet device and a NAS are
> >> plugged into the Linkstation wired LAN ports. Everything else connects
> >> to the Linkstation WiFi. The LinkStation offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz
> >> connections, the 2.4GHz is b/g and the 5GHz is ac I believe. Those
> >> devices that can use the 5GHz connection, are, the rest are using the
> >> 2.4GHz.
> >> 
> >> I have my doubts about cross-LAN throughput. For example, as I write I
> >> am using WinSCP on the Windows 8.1 laptop to copy a movie file from my
> >> Jessie box to the laptop. (The movie concerned is not copyright before
> >> anyone asks). The Jessie box is connected to the LinkStation by wired
> >> ethernet, and the Windows 8.1 laptop by WiFi. I am getting a transfer
> >> rate consistently across the life of the connection of 880KB/s. I'd
> >> expect it to be a lot faster than that. I checked the WinSCP software
> >> is capable of limiting the connection speed, but is set not to.
> >> .
> >> 
> >> Thanks in advance
> >> 
> >> Mark
> >  Delurking. Just a quick suggestion here. Do you have the proprietary non-free firmware installed for all your NICs? When they work without the firmware it is often a much slower connection, like b when the NIC is capable of n or a/c, but only when using the proprietary firmware. 

Interesting. The Jessie box is using wired LAN via an onboard (ie part 
of the motherboard) ethernet controller (motherboard is an ASUS P6T 
iirc). I wouldn't expect it to need firmware, would I be wrong?

At the laptop end, it's running Windows 8.1 so gawd alone knows what can 
/ should be updated...


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