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Re: [A bit OT] Diagnosing home network

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 09:38:21AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 20 May 2017 01:41:20 Mark Fletcher wrote:
> Couple things here. I have no such problems. My routing is from the cable 
> modem, to a buffalo netfinty router running dd-wrt, so I need no 
> firewall. dd-wrt has very sharp teeth so I don't seem to need an 
> additional guard dog. The output of the buffalo hits an 8 port managed 
> switch, and everything else is plugged into that switch. There are 2 
> more switch/hubs plugged into that switch so that one cable to the 
> garage hitting an 8 port switch in the garage that feeds 3 machines 
> there, and another cable thats been blowing in the wind for about 15 
> years now, runs from the house to a 12x16 shop building in the upper 
> rear corner of the back yard, where always 2, and occasionally a 3rd 
> machine is plugged into a 4 port hub.  The 2 8 port switches and the hub 
> are gigahertz capable.  Even the machines in the shop building can 
> access the internet at megabyte+ a second speeds.  Amanda hits them all 
> at about 1:30 am, and even then, with that load on this machine slowing 
> it some, I don't notice a huge networking data slowdown.
> You'll note no mention of wifi here as its turned off unless I have 
> children visiting with their smart phones.  wifi is slower, and subject 
> to being used by the neighbors as I found my net usage after the kids 
> had been in was up about 80 Gb a month later. I don't couple the wifi to 
> my net, only to the internet, but inspecting dd-wrt's list of dhcpd'd 
> net leases disclosed that a neighbor seemed to have discovered it and 
> was helping himself to my bandwidth. So I had to log back into the 
> buffalo and turn the radio off again. As the garage has vinyl siding, I 
> have to do the same thing on a raspberry pi 3b out there, which has an 
> excellent wifi, and I had to shut it off too. The raspian-jessie 
> defaults enable it, and a dhcpd server, so it was handing out addresses 
> and connections on wlan0, using bandwidth I could see.  Ooops.  And I 
> have to do it everytime I build a new sd card for it. dhcpcd killed 
> forever now, or until I change sd cards.
> I configured for future expansion, whereas your setup sounds like its 
> machine to machine.  So get a router you can reflash, ditch the 
> firewall, and feed the routerr (after setting up NAT in the router to 
> put your local network on a local address in the 192.168.xx.zz block of 
> addresses) and if you must have dhcpcd for your wireless stuff, do it in 
> the router. Everything here is in /etc/hosts, resolv.conf says order 
> host,dns, and dns is pointed at the router, and forwards dns requests to 
> my ISP's dns servers.  And from this end, its all transparent, but the 
> black hats are SOL, blocked at the router. I've one  porthole cut in 
> that, to allow access to my web page in the sig.  Other than that, no 
> one has come thru that setup and gotten into one of my machines in close 
> to 15 years.

It seems like you read my original problem as slowness accessing the 
internet. That isn't the problem, I'm concerned about intra-LAN speeds. 
Haven't even got the length of worrying about internet speeds yet, since 
there are so many variables that can impact that, I have to be sure my 
end is in tip-top shape before I start poking at that.


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