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Re: Dumb questions to apic

On 24. 05. 2017 13:54, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> I don't know for sure, but this thing from the Inertubes looks similar
> (there it is apic, the OP is lapic, but the remaining phenomenology
> looks similar. Perhaps a search on "power off apic" turns up more
> relevant dirt :)

Let me rephrase. In the context of Linux kernel parameters that Hans is
talking about, the acronyms refer to these things:

APIC = Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

LAPIC = Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
(local refering to a CPU in a SMP system having its own controller)

ACPI = Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

APM = Advanced Power Management

ACPI and APM are system features directly related to power management
(with ACPI replacing APM in recent hardware). They handle battery
charging, putting system in sleep modes, etc.

"Complete software ACPI independent from hardware" isn't possible. In
the end, you need some cooperation from hardware to trip a switch if you
want the computer to power off after shutdown.

APIC and LAPIC are related to power management only in the way that
power management related peripherals can trigger interrupts that are
configured through them. But so does the USB controller, disk drives, etc.

Best regards

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