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Re: Dumb questions to apic

Hi Tomaž,
> LAPIC = Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
> (local refering to a CPU in a SMP system having its own controller)
Yes, local, but what does local mean? Is it hardware related or local in the 

> ACPI and APM are system features directly related to power management
> (with ACPI replacing APM in recent hardware). They handle battery
> charging, putting system in sleep modes, etc.

Ok, this will be controlled by the BIOS, I suppose, and there is no way, to 
deactivate it ion the BIOS completeley as the kernel has to interact with the 

> "Complete software ACPI independent from hardware" isn't possible. In
> the end, you need some cooperation from hardware to trip a switch if you
> want the computer to power off after shutdown.

Yes, like I guessed above....
> APIC and LAPIC are related to power management only in the way that
> power management related peripherals can trigger interrupts that are
> configured through them. But so does the USB controller, disk drives, etc.

When I add "nolapic" to the kernel , then everything is working fine, but then 
one of the two cores disappeared. Would be nice, if I could have both cores, 
you might understand. :)

All in all, I can run the notebook (it is no need to put it into trash). It is 
an Amilo pa 2510, 2x1,7 GHz AMD Dualcore CPU, with 4,6 GB RAM and a 320GB 
harddrive. I am using it as my kali-machine.

And such bugs are also good to learn things. 

> Best regards
> Tomaž

Best regards


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