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Re: Desktop Background Bites the Dust

On 05/21/2017 05:55 AM, RavenLX wrote:
On 05/20/2017 01:00 AM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
On 05/19/2017 07:19 PM, David Christensen wrote:
I've been having problems with Xfce wallpaper on Debian 8.8 for a month
or more.  It broke after an apt-get update/ apt-get upgrade.  I filed a
bug report, received one reply, tried the suggestions to no avail, and
replied.  I'm still waiting for a response:


David if it makes any difference, recently Debian installed a Debian
Stretch Theme and the Next wallpaper or the wallpaper you where using
could have been changed or I should say probably did get changed, I
run testing and Sid so I'm used to many themes being wiped out and
replaced, it's the way of testing and not something you would expect
from a stable system which Stretch is not, yet.  As I told Cindy, you
can find the installed wallpaper in /usr/share/wallpaper.

I haven't noticed any new wallpapers (I too am running Debian 8.8 with
XFCE and have my wallpaper set to one I like which I saved in
~/Pictures/Wallpaper) I also had no problems with the wallpapers going
away and also was able to change them in the settings. I do notice that
they don't all *stay* listed in the settings (except the current one
being used) if they are located somewhere other than the default
wallpaper directory. But other than that, no problems here, so far.

I did update using apt-get dist-upgrade and not apt-get upgrade. Maybe
that made a difference?

As I understand it:

* 'apt-get upgrade' is for rolling forward to a new minor revision -- e.g. Debian 8.7 to Debian 8.8 -- and/or new packages -- e.g. icedove 1:45.6.0-1~deb8u1 to thunderbird 1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1).

* 'apt-get dist-upgrade' is for rolling forward to a new major revision -- e.g. Debian 7 to Debian 8.

I do the former regularly -- once or more per week.

I avoid the latter, as it's caused me grief in the past (when I want to do a major version upgrade, I backup, move the system disk aside, do a fresh install, and restore).

My issue is likely tied to some software corner case due the the hardware -- e.g. 32-bit laptop with an off-spec 64-bit processor jammed in.


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