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Re: Desktop Background Bites the Dust

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Subject: Re: Desktop Background Bites the Dust
UTC Time: May 21, 2017 12:55 PM
From: ravenlx@sitesplace.net

I haven't noticed any new wallpapers (I too am running Debian 8.8 with
XFCE and have my wallpaper set to one I like which I saved in
~/Pictures/Wallpaper) I also had no problems with the wallpapers going
away and also was able to change them in the settings. I do notice that
they don't all *stay* listed in the settings (except the current one
being used) if they are located somewhere other than the default
wallpaper directory. But other than that, no problems here, so far.

I did update using apt-get dist-upgrade and not apt-get upgrade. Maybe
that made a difference?

I had something similar happened once when I had moved the ../share/ folder into another partition and it was not mounted at the time it vanished.  After the mount you either relog or attempt to change it and it is there.
But since the picture is still in the same folder and exists and you point to it and it will not display, then FEH does not have access rights to it, which is why the share folder with default accesses is best for things not needing security.   I like to keep sensitibe information secure and everything else out in the open.
So, tell us what the rights of the actual picture show.  Maybe removing feh completely and then reinstalling it will reset its access rights or something has made the shared picture more private.
By the way, that linux-PAE I understand is for 32bit systems which can't handle "too much" ram.  If you don't have one of those systems it is safe to throw away unnecessary junk.  Kernle files and images are bulky things and will unnecessaraly accumulate and slow down your updates.  Either you need it and dump the non-PAE images or dump all the -PAE stuff.  In a year or so you may have 6 or 8 linux kernels as the older ones are by default kept in case you run into trouble with newer packages braking.  Instead of 2-3 you have double what is necessary.
If you have not ever used LXDE but are using X I suggest you give the racy desktop a try.  One of the reasons that is nearing the end of development is because it is so damn perfect.  It is like an old bmw M3-E30 with no upholstery, single seat and roll bars.  No heat, no AC no stereo.
X is an eternal bulky pain


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