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Re: Desktop Background Bites the Dust

On 05/20/2017 09:31 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
> On 05/20/2017 06:33 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
>> On 05/20/2017 01:56 PM, Mike Kupfer wrote:
>>> Michael Milliman wrote:
>>>> I have no clue what happened, but the desktop background picture has
>>>> ceased to be displayed.
>>> [...]
>>>> I have attempted to re-set the desktop
>>>> background via both system settings and via right-click->set desktop
>>>> background on the desktop to no effect.
>>> I don't know what caused your old wallpaper to go away, but the
>>> inability to set it is tracked by
>>>   https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=862355
>> This appears to be the same problem.  I will be watching this bug report
>> with interest!!  It also seems to have been reported around the same
>> time my system went belly-up, so it is probably an update that was
>> installed.  Thanks for the info, at least I know it isn't something that
>> I botched up! :)
>>> The bug report also lists a workaround (which I haven't tried).
> The workaround is using the feh package to manually set the background
> image.  This does work, however, it has to be done each time you log-in.
>  It is better than nothing.  Upstream also appears to have a bug
> reported on it, and they suggest installation of mate-desktop 16.2 with
> caja 16.3, neither of which has made it to the Debian distribution as of
> yet.
Note that the version numbers above should have been mate-desktop 16.0.2
and caja 16.0.3.
>>> mike

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