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Re: Oh no something has gone wrong! after reinstalling Debian and Gnome.

On 05/21/2017 05:09 AM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> On 05/21/2017 12:57 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
>> Le 21/05/2017 à 09:55, Jimmy Johnson a écrit :
>>> No, you should NOT have deleted the partition, now your partition table
>>> is messed up.
>> Bullshit. This is just a Gnome error.
> Unless you are deleting the last partition your partition table is going
> to be messed up. I hope you enjoy your B.S. You can workaround by using
> UUID, but personally I do not care for a messed up partition table.
I also call B.S. on this response.  The OPs problem has absolutely
nothing to do with the partition table or the UUIDs of the various
partitions.  If it did, the system would not have gotten to the point of
starting GNOME.  Adding, deleting and resizing partitions, using the
appropriate tools, is relatively save in the modern era.  I have, on
many occasions over the years deleted and re-arranged the partitions on
my system to accommodate changing needs and have had no problems whatsoever.
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