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OT: Help with sort (and maybe awk or sed)

I have a need to sort lists of URLs and associated titles formatted as 

   * [[<URL1>][<Title1>]]

e.g [[http://www.google.com][Google search]]

I'd like to get a simple sort routine to do that.  

My first thought (well, actually it's probably the sixth, one of which was 
trying to get the TWiki developers to reverse the order of the fields, i.e. 
[[<Title1>][<URL1>]]) is to sort on the "field" starting with "]".

I don't see a way to set such a delimiter for a field in man sort, so I think I 
need something like awk or sed (or some other program) in addition to sort.

My sed or awk skills aren't up to doing something like that, so any help would 
be appreciated.

I will use the sort in a variety of  (that can invoke command line commands) 
which include nedit, kate, and any of a number of Scintilla based editor.  (It 
does not include vi, vim, or emacs.)

Randy Kramer

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