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Re: stretch not booting

On Wed 17 May 2017 at 19:01:20 -0400, Luis Finotti wrote:

> > No.  I get stuck again.
> > You were able to type these commands? What do you mean by "stuck"? After
> > pressing ENTER do you get anything on the screen? What do you see?
> Yes, I am able to type those and boot starts, but gets stuck in the
> middle.  No HD activity and Ctrl+Alt+Del (or any other command) does
> nothing.
> It starts well.  I see no errors (all green "OK"), the video changes the
> dpi (modesetting?).  It stops a different places, seemingly at random.  I
> has stopped after setting the swap partition, after changing the name from
> wlan0, after adjusting display brightness.  (Those are the last messages
> seen before it freezes, but they all seem to have been successfully.)  And
> I've seen it pass all of those at times.  (The order in which they happen
> doesn't seem to always be the same.)
> All In can do is a hard reboot (holding the power button).

GRUB does its job but it appears the problem occurs when control is
handed over to the init system.

At the GRUB menu edit the linux line to add systemd.unit=rescue.target
or systemd.unit=emergency.target.


You might get to a terminal to look at what the journalctl command and
/var/log/syslog reveal.


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