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Re: Package on which Bug must be reported ? (Trackpad)

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 11:06:26PM +0530, Kaartic Sivaraam wrote:
> Issue 1 (with a related issue) :
> I use Debian stretch on my laptop. The track pad of my laptop
> isn't detected correctly. As a result, taps aren't considered as clicks
> and I have to click the left / right button in the track pad for
> clicking.This is the case with the "default GNOME". On "GNOME on
> Wayland", this doesn't seem to be the issue. I guess the track pad is
> detected correctly there as I could use taps for clicks.
> Another related issues is with "Natural scrolling". I usually like to
> use it. On the "default GNOME" turning the option on/off has no effect
> and thus not allowing me to use Natural scrolling. This is again not an
> issue with "GNOME on Wayland"
> Please let me know in which package the above issue(s) and the ones that
> follow are to be filed.

Can you use synclient to fix it?

The package in question is probably xserver-xorg-input-libinput


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