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Package on which Bug must be reported ? (Trackpad)

Hello all,

I recently came across a few issues with Debian stretch for which I
would like to file a bug report. I couldn't find the correct package on
which to file the issue and hence sending this email expecting to
identify them. The first issue is described below. Further issues follow
in separate threads. The device information that I think would be useful
is appended after the issue description.

Note: The description of the issue with a little modification is what
would be found in the bug report for that package. So, in case anything
seems missing / needs correction, please let me know.

Issue 1 (with a related issue) :

I use Debian stretch on my laptop. The track pad of my laptop
isn't detected correctly. As a result, taps aren't considered as clicks
and I have to click the left / right button in the track pad for
clicking.This is the case with the "default GNOME". On "GNOME on
Wayland", this doesn't seem to be the issue. I guess the track pad is
detected correctly there as I could use taps for clicks.

Another related issues is with "Natural scrolling". I usually like to
use it. On the "default GNOME" turning the option on/off has no effect
and thus not allowing me to use Natural scrolling. This is again not an
issue with "GNOME on Wayland"

Device Information:

Laptop Vendor : DELL
Laptop Model : 3542
Debian version : 4.9.18-1 (2017-03-30)
Kernel version : 4.9.0-2-amd64
Display Manager : GNOME
Display server : X and Wayland

Please let me know in which package the above issue(s) and the ones that
follow are to be filed.


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