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Re: UEFI + Raid

Le 17/05/2017 à 20:07, Sam Smith a écrit :
On 05/16/2017 12:40 PM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

Because of what I left quoted just above, I advise again using "debian"
as a sub-chain in the ID, because such entry may be deleted by a later
uncautious invocation of grub-install.

Wait, it (grub-install?) deletes anything with "debian" in it? Is that


only when it is invoked with "debian" as the bootloader id? That seems

When it is invoked without --bootloader-id, which results in using the default name "debian".

troubling. What if I named it to "windows", would it then go delete all
my windows installs?

I have not tested this.

Anyway, on UEFI machines with only one boot loader (per disk if RAID), I don't rely on EFI boot entries (too flaky) and install GRUB in the "removable device path" (default EFI path) with --removable.

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