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Re: Question about Increasing the size of the Primary Partition

Felix Miata <mrmazda@earthlink.net> writes:
> If the original is EXT#, then resize2fs following forced fsck is all it 
> takes,
> no mkfs.

Great news, it's ext4 done last Saturday.

	I had a SSD fail so built the desired on an old 10 GB
Maxtor drive and when it worked, i used dd to save the image,
knowing that it could be resized up anyway.

> Using dd might have been a bad idea, depending on the age of the old 
> disk. If
> the old disk was partitioned long enough ago, it unlikely conformed to the
> technique preferred for disks with 4k internal sectors. If so, doing as 
> you did
> almost certainly will cause a performance penalty with the new.

	One thing I did do that turned out to be a bad idea was
to use dd with the minimum of parameters. The first time, the
image took over 24 hours to copy. I needed to make some more
changes so I blew another image but this time added bs=5000000 so
that it transferred 5-million bytes at a time and the image took
about ten minutes.

	If I had been using two separate disk controllers, the
image might have taken much less time but you fight the war with
the hardware you have rather than what you wish you had.

Thank you and all others who responded. Also I totally forgot
about resize2fs which is what reformats any new space in the file
system. It all worked like it should.

Martin WB5AGZ

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