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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

On 5/6/17, Michael Milliman <michael.e.milliman@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 05/06/2017 04:55 PM, RavenLX wrote:
>> I am thinking about trying out Stretch (Debian 9) in either a spare
>> laptop or a virtual machine. If I like it I might just point my sources
>> list to that repo on both laptops if it's stable enough.
> I can't speak categorically, but In installed Stretch a couple of months
> ago on my older laptop.  It has been running without a hitch 24/7 since
> then.

That's me, too. I can't remember exactly when, but i mentioned
something about it on here regarding Chromium several months ago. Sid
Unstable and I are.... on a break. It was just too much to keep up
with the FABULOUSLY active updates that are occurring.

So I skipped over Stretch and went with Jessie. Jessie lasted a grand
total of maybe about 3 days, I think it was. Websites keep complaining
that my Chromium was out of date. Unfortunately my Chromium was as
current as the repos had at that moment.

Tinkering to stay on Jessie was not a cognitively friendly option so I
stepped over to Stretch. If there has even been a tiny burp of a
problem, it was so small or was fixed so quickly that I don't remember

#ThankYou, Developers! I'm about to do something extremely #Life
changing in a few minutes. I *literally* could not do it without all
the well functioning Debian packages I'm about to spend the entire
rest of the evening buried in....

Cindy :)

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* aumix, mtp, inkscape, gimp, openshot, thunar, xine, notes > YOU'RE ON DECK! *

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