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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

On 05/06/2017 06:46 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
beta testing.  Usually, by the time Stretch reaches the 'frozen' stage,
most of the major issues have been worked out, and it is reasonably
ready for production.  However, they may still be a few problems to be
worked out...it is a beta after all.

I have come to know over the years nothing is 100% perfect, even if it's out of beta. :) I've used beta software in the past that was very stable, and used stable software in the past that was buggier than you-know-what. (I must say the majority of the buggy software was back when I used to use Windows as my main OS). Since I use Debian as my main OS, I have had quite reliable and rock-solid results.

I use out of distribution packages on occasion as well.  However, there
is no guarantee that such packages will work or continue to work under
the new distribution, even after it is released as Debian Stable.

The ones I use are Google Chrome (because I need to have things like bookmarks, etc. available across several devices), JEdit (I use this for development), TLP Power Management (because otherwise my laptop's fan would be on all the time and it would get quite hot for some reason), Thunderbird from Ubuntuzilla, and VirtualBox (because I like to have the latest). Also videolan is in there for the stuff needed for playing DVDs on my laptops. I don't use CiaroDock right now but I do have it commented out in case I want to go back to it. Also I added the backports repo. That's the crazy setup I have. I'm thinking of doing this for GIMP and Blender as well. Not sure yet. I like having new features. :) I'm considering going back to KDE and having the latest KDE updates, too (right now I'm doing quite well with XFCE from the Jessie repo). Sometimes I like to try different things (and do so usually first in a virtual machine for awhile).

Having said that, if they worked under Debian 8, they may well work
under Debian 9.  Keep in mind, however, the libraries available with
Debian 9 will in many cases be new and updated versions, and may not be
the same as the ones used by the out of distribution packages. So there
may be some compatibility issues. (Issues I did have with one of the
out-of-distribution packages I use.)

I've had that happen a long time ago with something (I forgot what now). Very much a PITA.

Give it a try.  If it works for you great.

Going to do that in a VM first.

If you have problems,
especially with packages/libraries within the distribution, report them
so that they can be addressed and fixed.  That kind of input is
important in getting the Stretch distribution through the process to the
Stable distribution.

I'll earn the "dumb question of the century" award for this but...

What list do I report bugs to and is there something online that tells someone (who doesn't normally report bugs) the proper way to do bug reports?

Thank you for the detailed information you gave. It's very much appreciated. :)

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