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Re: What On Earth Did I do?

Martin McCormick composed on 2017-05-05 22:11 (UTC-0500):

> ...There was that sickening beep-beep
> one hears when the game is over before it starts...
David's reply to this a short time ago reminded me I have, and had, lots of Dell
Optiplex models. Still working as of last boot attempts I have 110, 110, 150,
200, 260, 260, 270, 270, 270, 280, 280, 280, 620, 620, 620, 745, 760 & 780. It
also reminded me that a Dell branding sticker on a RAM stick is no guarantee of
unlimited useful life. More times than I can count, making the beep stop has
taken no more effort than reseating the RAM, but sometimes in spite of what
Memtest reports, RAM replacement is the only lasting solution to the beeping.

IOW, if it happens again, try reseating the RAM and/or swapping its slots and/or
fewer installed sticks. If it doesn't help, try other sticks before blaming
other causes. The beeping observed isn't always listed in the diagnostic chart
for a particular model.
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