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debian-installer preseeding over https

    Playing with unattended deployments of debian using foreman (https://theforeman.org/) i found out that debian-installer doesn't support loading the preseeding file from a https server. It do it well from a http url but using ssl never works. I have found an old question in stackoverflow about this (https://serverfault.com/questions/320019/how-to-use-debug-debian-preseed-with-ssl-using-startssl-certs) explaining that the problem comes from the wget in busybox not compiled with SSL support, it's old, but it's still true with the actual stable and testing releases. I would like to know how to fill a bug (wishlist) for this, also, i would like to hear some opinions about it; other distros have this support even with the fact that it's not perfect (because you trust all certificates, and that's not good) but at least you avoid simple sniffers for tacking your installation data (and hash passwords).

Thanks in advance,
      Mario Abajo

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