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running freshly upgraded kernel image on normal boot with startx
command but getting the following error message from (X server) xorg: could not
create lock file in /tmp/.X0-lock (the contents of, are the numbers 2994)
unable to connect to the X server: connection refused

there's a lot about this problem on the Internet but the information is
quite old and nothing applies to my present problem, it would seem. 

happily and also the reason I'm writing this letter (et.al) is that I can still
use the sysvinit boot option that presents a graphical login and after that
starts the X server. (I then have to run 'service network restart' to connect
to the Internet and there is complaining about that being deprecated but good
thing something works.

there's more error messages I've decided to keep as separate post, in the spirit
of helping others down the line. 


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