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Re: Installation Input required

Le 05/05/2017 à 11:16, tomas@tuxteam.de a écrit :

On Fri, May 05, 2017 at 02:26:44PM +0530, Ashok Inder wrote:

During the entire setup screen, the debian installer did not asked me
for the 2nd or 3rd DVD. Also many a places its mentioned that the DVD is
a set of 12 DVD but I only found 3 set DVD.

Support pages mention that installer will ask for other part of the DVD
as an option. It never asked, only driver cd/dvd was asked.

Just wondering that did I missed something?

The Debian installer does not know how many CDs or DVD there are nor what they contain.

I remember that, after scanning the first installation disk, the Debian installer used to ask whether I wanted to scan other disks. I have not seen that option for a long time. Maybe it is available only when booting from a real optical disk instead of a USB drive.

Also I installed with Sudo option (no root account), will this be of any
disadvantage at anytime in future over Sudo considering I'm not a power

Yes. It will be a disadvantage if you need to log in directly as root to fix things when log in as a normal user does not work any more (e.g. /home filesystem full or mounted read-only or could not be mounted, or corrupted user profile).

There is just one downside I know of: if the system panics on boot,
e.g. because it can't mount the root file system (say, because it's
corrupted), it will ask you for the root password before giving you
a root shell

Of course not. If the initramfs cannot mount the root filesystem, it cannot read /etc/shadow and check the root password. It just drops a root shell.

The root password is asked when booting in emergency mode, either when selecting a "rescue" entry in the boot loader or when something went wrong during the init phase, e.g. a filesystem listed in /etc/fstab could not be mounted.

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