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Re: Installation Input required


Ashok Inder wrote:
> During the entire setup screen, the debian installer did not asked me
> for the 2nd or 3rd DVD.

Can it be you only asked for installing stuff which is on DVD 1 ?

If the lack of requesting other DVDs led to a system which does not
contain what you asked for, then this would be a topic for the debian-cd
If all seems well, then you probably only needed DVD 1.

> Also many a places its mentioned that the DVD is
> a set of 12 DVD but I only found 3 set DVD.

This question was asked often enough to cause the existence of
which says
  "We don't store/serve the full set of ISO images for all architectures,
   to reduce the amount of space taken up on the mirrors. You can use the
   jigdo tool to recreate the missing ISO images instead."

The advantage of Jigdo for the DVD mirror servers is that the bulk
of data can be fetched from Debian servers which provide packages.
Jigdo loads a compressed ISO image with lots of holes and then loads
all the package files which fit exactly into the holes.

Here is a nice illustration from the times when disc images were still
made of wood ;-)

Have a nice day :)


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