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Re: Installation Input required

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On Fri, May 05, 2017 at 02:26:44PM +0530, Ashok Inder wrote:
> Hi,


> During the entire setup screen, the debian installer did not asked me
> for the 2nd or 3rd DVD. Also many a places its mentioned that the DVD is
> a set of 12 DVD but I only found 3 set DVD.
> Support pages mention that installer will ask for other part of the DVD
> as an option. It never asked, only driver cd/dvd was asked.
> Just wondering that did I missed something?

I don't know for sure, but I think this is a testament to the CD
team: they work very hard to have the most-used things in the first
DVD. Seems to have worked, kudos to them :-)

> Also I installed with Sudo option (no root account), will this be of any
> disadvantage at anytime in future over Sudo considering I'm not a power
> user.

There is just one downside I know of: if the system panics on boot,
e.g. because it can't mount the root file system (say, because it's
corrupted), it will ask you for the root password before giving you
a root shell, for you to analyse and possibly fix the situation. I've
been in that position once, having drunk the Kool Aid to the bottom
of the glass. Very frustrating, believe me :)

I'm still a fan of sudo, but have learnt since then to leave a bit
in the glass and actually have a root password.

Nothing, of course, which can't be fixed by having around a rescue

- -- tomás
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