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Re: Installation Input required

On Fri, 05 May 2017, Richard Owlett wrote:
> >The advantage of Jigdo for the DVD mirror servers is that the bulk
> >of data can be fetched from Debian servers which provide packages.
> >Jigdo loads a compressed ISO image with lots of holes and then loads
> >all the package files which fit exactly into the holes.
> That eases problems for Debian servers, I don't see an advantage to me.

Correct when your issue is low-bandwidth or bandwidth cap.  Jigdo cannot
help, there... but a direct image download wouldn't, either: buying a
DVD/BD set makes more sense.

Jigdo is indeed a direct advantage for the Debian mirror network, and an
indirect advantage to users that would download the image sets from the
mirrors: we would [likely] not be able to provide the larger images *at
all* nowadays on most mirrors.  Jigdo solves that *important* issue.

Jigdo can also be a direct advantage (as in: it will be much faster) for
an user that has a close (or even local) mirror that does not carry the
full DVD/BD images, though:  it will download >95% of the data from the
close mirror, and rsync whatever is missing from the (relatively few)
mirrors that have the full images.

Evidently, when the mirror closer to you also happens to mirror the full
DVD/BD images, downloading those directly makes sense.

  Henrique Holschuh

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