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Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Due to circumstances, will note rule out any of hardware, software, or confused operator as underlying cause.

The hardware is a used Lenovo T510 laptop purchased a couple of months ago. Jessie with MATE desktop has been running fine.
Yesterday I purchased a Kingston Technology 512GB SD, primarily for backups.

As this individual unit had never had an SD card installed, the agreement with the store was if the card did not work in this machine I would not have to purchase it. My acceptance test was to install Jessie using a flash drive with DVD 1 of 13 of Debian 8.6.0.

It was my standard install which does NOT include either a swap partition being activated during install NOR installing a boot loader.

I booted into my primary OS and ran update-grub with no problems.
I rebooted, choosing the SD card from the Grub2 menu. No apparent problem. Also verified my other Debian installs could read/write the SD card.

These tests were performed before leaving the store.


When I got home and booted to the SD card I noticed a message appeared for ~10 seconds reporting that a device was not found giving the UUID of the SD card.

I verified the UUID by checking the fstab file and by using gparted.


Do I have an actual problem?
What should I be checking?

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