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Re: Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Richard Owlett wrote:

> When I got home and booted to the SD card I noticed a message appeared 
> for ~10 seconds reporting that a device was not found giving the UUID of 
> the SD card.
> I verified the UUID by checking the fstab file and by using gparted.
> Do I have an actual problem?
> What should I be checking?

 - the bios may not be set correctly to find
the device.

 - you may have changed it but not saved it (ditto
on the partition table).

 - you may have the root/boot partitions in
fstab wrong (i never use UUIDs but make partition
labels instead and use those).

 - error in preseed file which put something in
a different location than intended.

 - grub may not have done what you expected.


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