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root@localhost mail not forwarding in Exim

I changed my server name and fqdn and now the mail to root@localhost is bouncing.

I went into every file that had the old name and changed it to the new name but it still doesn't work. I did "grep -r something.else /etc" to find all the files.

so, if I want to use mail.example.com as my fqdn, and the old fqdn was something.else and root@something.else was redirecting mail to me@something.else ... then what do I need to change in Exim to make this happen?

root@localhost is bouncing
root@mail.example.com is bouncing
me@mail.example.com is working

/etc/mailname is this line:

I would also like to be able to send mail to me@mail instead of me@mail.example.com ... if this is possible.

I did "grep -r something.else /etc" and changed all the files to the mail.example.com name and then ran the "update-exim4.conf"

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