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Re: bad LibreOffice font sizes (was: A minimal relational data...)

Richard Owlett composed on 2017-03-01 06:33 (UTC-0600):

Jörg-Volker Peetz wrote:

How do you increase fontsize on the LibeOffice (writer) toolbar and dropdown
meuns?? [closed] - Ask LibreOffice

Unacceptable. It affects the size of _everything_, not just font size.
I collided with with a fatal side-effect. I tried a too large factor.
Now the "accept" button is now off screen and *NOT* accessible.
Don't see any option short of reinstall to resolve.
I consider LibreOffice *DOA*

It can be fixed. You can use xrandr to make your desktop larger than fits the screen. e.g. something like

	xrandr --fb 2560x1600 --panning 2560x1600

Reinstallation of the application wouldn't fix it. Removing ~/.libreoffice or ~/.config/libreoffice or wherever it keeps its stuff should eliminate all saved LibreOffice settings as if it had never been installed.
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