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Re: Question about wifi web service with debian

Le 12/02/2017 à 05:02, Billy O a écrit :
> hello my name is William O'Brien
> I have been using and researching debian for alittle while now and have
> been trying to access wifi I have tried several different ways and
> researched many tutorials and help sections with very little success and
> was wondering if you might be able to assist me with my problem.
> so currently the computer I am trying to gain access with is a dell 1521
> with Broadcom 4311
> the debian os works fine. however the few ways I have tried don't seem to
> give me any closer to accessing wifi and may end up re installing the os
> but am wondering if theres any expert advice you might be able to give on
> this subject.


I would suggest:
- to verify that the wifi chipset is indeed a Broadcom 4311 because Dell
sells laptops with the same generic reference and different wireless
chipsets (type lspci | grep -i wireless in a terminal and you will have
this information)
- in case this is a Broadcom 4311, it needs a proprietary firmware and
can be managed by one the two following drivers: b43 (not b43-legacy) or
wl. take a look on the Debian wiki at:

the easyest way is probably b43

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