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Re: Why packets (from my ISP to me) on the WAN VC side of my router are twice the size of packets on the Ethernet (and a corresponding twice as many bytes)

rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> On Thursday, February 09, 2017 07:36:50 AM Dan Purgert wrote:
>> rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
>> > 2.  I'm sure that I'm looking at the download flows from my ISP as the
>> > ratio of the octets / bytes between the two flows is generally
>> > something like 10 to 1.   I'm sure that I am not uploading 10 times
>> > (or even the same number) of bytes  as I am downloading.  (For
>> > example, I rarely upload anything, and rarely have  attachments to
>> > emails...)
>> I don't quite follow this one.  Do you mean that you're seeing something
>> like
> Well, the first time I read your post (the one this responded to, I
> got the (mistaken, I think) impression that you thought I had the in
> and out directions backwards, so I was trying to clarify.

Not "backwards" per se, but yeah I was trying to confirm that we were on
the same page.

> If I'm not mistaken again, I believe we both agree that:
> Downloads from Earthlink: WAN in / LAN out
> Uploads to Earthlink: WAN out / LAN in
>> >  - "Downloading" (WAN_IN / LAN_OUT) == 10 bytes
>> >  - "Uploading" (LAN_IN / WAN_OUT) == 100 bytes
> Yes we definitely agree.
> By talking about the 10 to 1 ratio, I was trying to confirm that I had
> the directions correct, in other words, using your example, my
> situation is:
> - "Downloading" (WAN_IN / LAN_OUT) == 100 bytes
> - "Uploading" (LAN_IN / WAN_OUT) == 10 bytes

That is perfectly fine and normal then.

>> If you (or anyone in the house) play games, then the traffic (at least
>> for the game) will be about equal.
> My son does play one online game, "Words with Friends" [...] 

Eh, I was thinking more stuff like Minecraft, Space Engineers, or other
"real time" multiplayer games, where there is a fair bit of
communication between the client and server.

> [...]

> Thanks, I will send it to you, by attaching it to another copy of this 
> response sent to your address, only...

Got the thing, just didn't have any time to look yesterday.  Perhaps
I'll have some time this afternoon.

> Note that the counters on the Westell apparently rollover at 2^32, so the 
> formulas in my spreadsheet have to take that into account.  Some times
> I have to manually adjust (once so far, and I did it by a slight
> one-time revision to the formula in the given cell).

Odd that they'd be using a 32-bit int in any devices these days, but
meh.  However, that rollover will play all kinds of havoc with the
numbers, unless you're resetting the counters every day.

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