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Re: Stretch stable and jessie testing - repositories listed

Please cool off, I don't see the need for a flame war.

Greg Wooledge:
> You forgot to reply to the list.

Maybe I was replying to you

> You forgot to stop top-quoting.  This is a real mailing list, not your
> workplace where you have to do everything upside-down.

That would be correct if I had replied to the list

> Here is a jessie source:
> deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ jessie main non-free contrib
> Here is a stretch source:
> deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ stretch main contrib non-free

But I have http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ testing main

and don't change it what will happen?

>> If on the original installation of Jessie you switch from
>> main to testing you are running stretch, right?

Like I said

> You DO NOT touch the word "main".  You change the word "jessie".

But I am saying I already have (jessie to testing not main, my fault), I
had switched jessie to testing (because I read somewhere that is how to
do it) not inquiring any further on what this means.

>> I am just trying to verify I will be doing the
>> right thing and not mess up and end up in sid and have no way back.
> Then don't use "sid" or "unstable".
> Perpetual is an English word.  It means "never-ending" or "eternal".
> If you use "testing" instead of "stretch", then you are perpetually
> stuck in testing, never to stabilize, always half-broken.

My "testing" has been running fine, better than stable for some odd
reason.  Maybe all that upgrading and replacing has fixed some mess a
temporary trial of cinnamon had created.  I guess installing desktops,
using them, then discarding the installation can create problems.

> I don't speak GUI.

I hope you don't speak the same English out on the street, because it is
not like a list, it is very mean, that street thing.  You must be polite
and respectful to survive in the real world.  Why type commands when
clicking menus can get you by?  I am not a developer, I am just a user,
in a user list, using debian GUIs, not some non-free admin software.

> because that's usually how people do things: edit file,
> run commands.

I will stick to guidom, thank you!

> I don't know or care what happens if you alter the file from within
> synaptic.  I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE.

Yes, on the top menu on the column Settings --> Repositories it has 4
lines/fields where a source can be added or modified. (bin or src)
(.....debian.org) (jessie) (main contrib non-free)
This is where I had taken jessie out and added testing. Swell ... !
My mistake it seems is that I thought the addresses for the repositories
were specific to jessie not across all the editions.  That was my
interest for clarification.  Now I understand it a little bit better.
If my original installation was wheezy and I had replaced the word with
testing I would be in stretch by now, but not for long.  Right?

> I can't imagine why someone would attempt to do system administration
> with a GUI.  Even if you somehow manage to jump through the hoops
> required to get a GUI process running as root to communicate with your X
> server in a session run by yourself, you're still doing sysadmin work
> while in X, which is not likely to end well.

I didn't know this.  I have spent countless hours reading manuals on how
to run my system but never did I realize that this was true.  I always
thought of myself as a user, not a sysadmin.  But I see what you are saying.

I specifically asked for suggestions on what to do to edit my repository
list on synaptic, I think, why are you responding then?

> Don't the release notes strongly advise that you do release upgrades
> OUTSIDE of X?  I thought they did.  It's been a while since I read them.

No, I have not seen this before.  I run Debian 7 32bit in a beaten old
P4 laptop for a while before I attempted this and that laptop is still
on 7 and is running fine.  It was always updated and the repositories
were never changed.  That was my fix for my friend's WinXP old laptop
that had a bad disk.  He could type his resume and apply for jobs, get
into chromium, play with facebook, and watch youtube.  I am now
sis-the-admin!  I see it every three months and do an update on it.  No
reason to break a good thing,

> I just can't see why it matters.  If you don't intend to perform the
> upgrade, don't change the file.

I hope you do see now that I would have to change, if not, I still did
not understand what you are saying.  If testing is already in there (and
has been for a while) and I update weekly once stretch is released I
will be in nowhere-land in the neverlands (debian 10?).  I panicked when
I thought of it and I wanted to double check before I mess something up.
 I mistakenly thought that the addresses of the repositories would be
different for stretch than for (jessie --> testing).  I see now that
they are not.


PS  I am on the "users" list right, not the "sysadmins" list?

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