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Re: Why packets (from my ISP to me) on the WAN VC side of my router are twice the size of packets on the Ethernet (and a corresponding twice as many bytes)

rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> On Monday, February 06, 2017 06:24:40 PM Dan Purgert wrote:
>> Could be MTU differences, and the router needing to do something (e.g.
>> 1500 on the LAN side, and 1452 on the WAN, which is usually typical for
>> DSL / PPPoE connections).
> BTW, thanks Dan for your response--I hope the resent email is at least a 
> little easier to understand.

Yeah, will "essentially" start over there, hopefully it won't be too
much a mess :)

><the stuff that should probably be ignored:>
> So, I guess the possibility that this suggests to me seems
> backwards--that is, the opposite of what I am seeing.  I mean, if
> somewhere a 1500 byte packet has to be packed into a 1452 byte packet,
> I suppose something might double the size of the 1452 byte packet and
> just waste the leftover bytes in the two packets (i.e., 1452 * 2 -1500
> = 1404), but the packets are coming in on the WAN side presumably at
> 1452 bytes and I would think they would fit fine in the 1500 byte
> packet on the LAN side.
> (And I'm oversimplifying or misleading a little, because I'm not
> seeing twice as many packets but instead packets that are twice as big
> (on the WAN side).)

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