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Re: Some x-terminals do not compose unicode characters

On 04/02/2017 18:07, Darac Marjal wrote:
> Just to note, I have tried this same command in xfce-terminal 0.8.3
> (which is in testing and unstable and depends on libvte-2.91-1 version
> 0.46.1-1) and I /do/ get a struckthrough 1.

Hello and thanks for the reply.
I am in Sid. ( I have your same version, without a typo libvte-2.91-0 ;-) )

> So, if you're using stable (you don't actually say which versions of
> the packages you tries), then the bug may already be fixed. If you're
> on testing or newer, then it might be a configuration issue.

Maybe, but I created a new user to be sure of the configuration and with
this I have the same representation.

Where can I find the configuration error?
I looked in
but I did not see anything strange. This is where should I look?


Alessandro T.

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