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Re: Fwd: troubles running a printer on Mint17.3 "Rosa"

2017-02-02 11:34 GMT+01:00 Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk>:
On Wed 01 Feb 2017 at 22:27:11 +0100, albcares wrote:

> 2017-02-01 12:27 GMT+01:00 Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk>:
> > On Wed 01 Feb 2017 at 09:35:20 +0100, albcares wrote:
> >
> > > thanks for Ur fast answer. I'll try to do my best to explain.
> > > I correctly see Optra labelled as "generic" in the printer list. The firs
> > > print I get is generally good. But if I send another one, it jumps out as
> > > wide as if it saw only the first quarter up the sheet: wide fonts, wider
> > > grafics; the white field itself is printed with artefacts like clouds of
> > > black spots. Each time I want to print beyond one document I must turn
> > off
> > > - turn on the printer. I supposed that any process remained hanging
> > > somewhere but I couldn't find out.
> >
> > Did printing work before you "re-adjusted" CUPS? Try using the USB
> > and parallel connections to print. Is there a significant difference?
> >
> > Get yourself a few small PostScript files from different sources.
> > pdf2ps and Firefox are two ways to produce one. Plug the printer
> > into a USB port and check the device in /dev/usb (lp0, lp1?). Send a
> > file directly to the printer with
> >
> >  cat <PS_file> > /dev/usb/lp0
> >
> > How does that go?
> >
> > --
> > Brian.
> >
> well, I checked as you Brian had adviced me. Firstly, I have no parallel
> port on my tiny motherboard. Then my System identifies the printer after
> "sudo lsusb" as Lexmark Optra E312, which could be correct. And indeed I
> remember that before smashing CUPS I sometimes had the same problem.
> the .ps files are printed via command-line.
> furthermore, as I am not exactly a proper device-tester, I changed the
> "driver" from *PCL-5 Printer CUPS+Gutenprint* to a *PCL-5 Printer Foomatic*
> both provided by the OS itself. And it appears running better. I want to go
> on printing a bit more before crowing.
> What do You think? could the origin of the mistakes be in one of these
> "drivers"? Has anyone the same or similar printer?

There is no PPD specifically for your printer,

which is exactly what I tried to be assured of: thanks
so one of the Generic PostScript or PCL ones is what you choose from. Problems could lie
in a number of places: the transport of data over the USB link, the
printer itself etc.

the weird is that I've been running also OpenSuSE on the same engine, obviously with the same hardware; Optra is working fine with it.
The Debian wiki deals with debugging.


anyway it can be ok for now. I'll pay attention to my prints and I'll check the Debian. Thanks to all.

One more thing: do these answers mean that Mint is considered compatible with the mailing-list?

Best regards
linux user #521635

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