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Re: current testing

Borden Rhodes composed on 2016-12-13 12:14 (UTC-0500):

Thank you for the references, Felix.

Unfortunately, nothing you sent is applicable because SDDM doesn't
even start in the first place. Computer goes unresponsive when it

Which Intel chipset/CPU model do you have? Skylake? Lotsa troubles with that one not just in Debian. Lotsa troubles generally with any Intel latest in recent years, as Interest from Intel itself is waning, while X driver development focus is on integrated generic modesetting. Last "release" of an Intel video driver (2.99.917) was more than two years ago.

Since then, distro releases devel trees have been including git snapshots.

tries to start X and then I have to force shut down. I've been able to
start - just - by booting into multi-user.target and masking KDE.unit
from GRUB - apparently KDE ignores polite requests not to start up so
you have to hide it from systemd entirely. I'll probably spend another
tedious couple evenings trying to create log information before I have
to force-off the system and then another wild goose chase finding the
right package to blame only to discover about a week from now that the
interaction between two or more unrelated packages is breaking my
system - which is why I'm the only one with the problem.

All my Stretch installations bypass SDDM. It isn't even installed. Either I have KDM, or more often, TDM, but in any event, my default runlevel is multi-user.target anyway, so most often I use startx rather than any graphical login manager.
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