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Re: arm people distributing images with user 1000 already allocated, please stop that

On Thursday 01 December 2016 12:58:59 Alexandre GRIVEAUX wrote:

> Le 01/12/2016 à 18:45, Gene Heskett a écrit :
> > Greetings;
> Hello,
> > The arm folks, like unbuntu and raspian, are distribution for
> > installation usually on an micro-sd card, install images with the
> > first user pre-configured.  He is in the sudoers file, but the
> > ability to install other software to actually DO something is
> > restricted to a root pw only, and that is unknown/unpublished.
> You talk about HAL ?
No. from raspian, the first user is raspi, root is something else I've 
already forgotten.

The distribution I actually installed was the full jessie, which appears 
to be a fully rebuilt, made into an iso then compressed with pk7z and 
downloadable as the 7z file, updated frequently.  And this image has a 
first user=1000, named pi and already sudo configured, but only halfway. 
No gui based real package managers can be used by user pi because 
something in the /etc/pam tree insists on a root pw to run it.  And that 
pw is unknown so the only thing I could do was edit the passwd file by 
mounting the sd card on another machine and remove the root pw entirely.

Only then could I load up the software I needed to do the job I bought 3 
of these SBC's to do.  Not even the first user can "sudo apt install" 
anything that is not in the supplied repo list. So even he cannot 
actually put a raspberry pi 3b to work doing much but browsing the web 
or doing email.  I have a 1500 lb lathe, made in about 1950, which I 
have rebuilt where needed, and modified with more accurate ball screws 
to run, and as it turned out, there is not a fast way to forward the x 
stuff to another sbc. But once I got a good install, it turns out the 
raspi has more than enough power to do the job. I am getting screen 
updates at about 20 a second, quite adequate for this use.

> > I just spent 2 days (and I still have one more item to fix, probably
> > no biggie, but it won't let ME run raspi.config, has a hissy because
> > it can't even find pi's home directory)  with the sd card mounted
> > intermittently in a reader, removing the user pi from the
> > debian-jessie-full image, making it so that I was user 1000 and
> > COULD install what I needed onto an raspberry pi 3b. That SW was
> > linuxcnc, last nights bleeding edge version, supplied in a deb from
> > the buildbot.linuxcnc.org. I expected the raspi to have problems
> > with that SW because of its heavy, and time critical IRQ response
> > requirements. But not a single instance of an out of range delay was
> > recorded while it ran a virtual lathe to make half a dozen chess
> > pawns on that lathe.  So we have a new, in-expensive machine
> > controller lashup.
> >
> > This existing situation is very discouraging to potential new users
> > who expect to be able to do these things from his own account.  And
> > finds out quickly that there are many things that even user 1000
> > still cannot do on the raspi, or an odroid64-c2, an even more
> > powerfull SBC thats still stuck in kernel 3.14 days. And that
> > kernel, while running on it, has NO support for its 4 gpu's, nor
> > working support for spi, which would appear to be the future
> > interface to a machine controller of choice as it gives 72 gpio
> > lines, quite some number of which can become useful functions like a
> > PWM generator to control things that need an analog voltage control,
> > or a stepper motor pulse generator, even a quadrature encoder
> > receiver capable of tracking spindle position to a 1.5 degree
> > accuracy at 12,000 rpms in the encoder I've built.  All that in an
> > fpga card that sells for $53 and can be field re-programmed with one
> > of many supplied fpga bit files.
> If the maker of the board and/or SoC doesn't help the board can be
> forever on old kernel with unknown source.

Lets just say that while their forums are helpfull, they've also been 
drinking the koolaid and don't seem to want to understand questions 
about this. Replies always just change the subject.

> > Thats the bragging. But the pre-allocation of user 1000 in the
> > distributed image, instead of that being part of the normal first
> > login procedure is a PAIN IN THE A$$ to fix so that the first user
> > can actually install what he needs to get his job done while logging
> > in as himself, using his normal pw.
> >
> > Please exert what ever influence you may have to make the first user
> > a first login function again for the arm distributions that port
> > your
> Like you write it's distributed image he as nothing to do with the
> source, the distro maker choose to use that, you should talk to them.

I have tried thru their forums and have been either ignored, or the 
content of the replies wasn't at all about what I was asking for help 
with.  Hence my plea to you, the source of the code that is being built 
for the raspi's.

> > source.
> >
> > Thank you Debian for a great, stable (I'm still on wheezy with this
> > old, slow, Phenom powered machine) os.  Its a place of familiarity
> > that Just Works(TM) if one doesn't want to be a lab rat.
> >
> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> Thanks.

I meant that.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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