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[off list] Re: MURPHY'S LAW RULES - was [Re: Coercing sane file permissions -- site specific]

On 11/21/2016 11:15 AM, David Wright wrote:
Disclaimer: I have no idea what the subject of this thread is about.

<chuckle with tinge of frown ;>
If I was going on only on the responses to my post starting this sub-thread I would wonder myself ;/


Well, I know what my expectations are: to see an idiosyncratic problem
posed (it SHALL do this and that) and then see people slapped down for
not sticking to the precise conditions spelled out or implied by the OP,
should they make a suggestion that is probably more useful to others
having a similar (but not absolutely identical) problem.

I'm in close to a "no win" situation on this forum.
I have in the past been taken to task for being detailed enough.
When asking a very narrowly focused "How do I do ..." question I tend to get
one of two responses:
  1. "You should not want to do *THAT*."
2. The respondent explicitly ignores inconvenient details of what I wrote:

An example in this sub-thread is the my supposed interest in auto-mounting.
To quote myself [1]:
<begin quote>
This has me wondering if the objectionable reaction was *before* OR *after*
having run

     gsettings set org.mate.media-handling automount false
</end quote>
Then all the discussion depending on my presumed desire to automount :<

The usefulness of many suggestions is limited, of course, by the OPs
insistence that a horse and cart is driven through the unix security
model merely because the OP never connects anything to the internet
(which is insane).

I do not understand that sentence.
I have a used laptop explicitly purchased to use as "laboratory device". It is intentionally isolated as much as possible from any outside action.
There *EXACTLY* TWO things that can affect what I observe:
1. What is internal to an un-updated copy of Debian 8.6.0 using MATE.
  2. I myself do to the system.
I obviously do connect to the internet. JUST not via THAT system ;/


As the OP always declares a desire to learn more, then it might be
appropriate to suggest writing a script running under root which
watches for any /dev/sd* devices to pop up, creates mount points,
appends lines to /etc/fstab (umask = 0, of course) and mounts them.
The script could sleep and loop or be run under cron.

Philosophically I agree, although I've not gone that route on this problem.
See the next to last sentence of [1].


One could always reboot or, in the OP's case, reinstall Debian :)

I do so frequently enough to be accumulating a slew of preseed.cfg files.


I'm not sure why the OP would want DE solutions. If you want to learn
how to troubleshoot car engines, you start with an old car, not with
one where about the only thing you can do when you lift the bonnet is
find that there's just room to plug into the computer diagnostic
socket (if that's where they go).

Why a DE? For the same reason I've driven cars with automatic transmissions - it's more convenient. That state of Missouri recently declared that I MUST only drive cars with automatic transmissions. Traumatic spinal cord injuries can be a nuisance <grin>.

Debian Linux is a tool. To use it effectively and conveniently, I occasionally have to delve into the realm of unintended consequences.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2016/11/msg00838.html

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