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Re: Posts don't show on list

On 04/30/2016 06:05 PM, John Hasler wrote:
> Lisi writes:
>> If, like you. you like a complicated life.  As I said, I achieve the
>> effect just by posting through my ISP's SMTP server.
> In other words, you avoid Gmail problems by not using Gmail.  Sensible
> solution and it's what I do as well, but people who for some reason must
> use Gmail need a different approach.

My domain is hosted on gmail, I run an exim mail server on my laptop and
use fetchmail to pick up mail from a half dozen or so accounts and
dovecot to run a local imap server. I have a fake domain known only to
my mail system that is local to the laptop only. I bcc all mail to
myself and always get a copy.

Mike McGinn		KD2CNU
President, UU Congregation at Rock Tavern
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