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Re: Multiple live iso's on a single bootable flash drive?

On 4/28/2016 10:39 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Richard Owlett wrote:
Has this been done before?

It seems so. Google "boot iso image from hard disk" found me
among many others


which mentions a "GRUB Live ISO Multiboot project".


Any comments?

Please keep me informed about your effort and success.

Normally I do a DuckDuckGo search [Google is annoying] before posting. This time I was attempting to gather my thoughts and something postable resulted. In any case I would have never seen the links you posted as I not have included "hard disk" in search string. However reading it triggers other questions which may be fruitful.

I just used "boot multiple iso images from flash drive" [w/o quotes] as my search criteria in both DuckDuckGo and Google. Many leads worth perusing.

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