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Re: Multiple live iso's on a single bootable flash drive?

Le primidi 11 floréal, an CCXXIV, Richard Owlett a écrit :
> I'll have to try it to understand what author means by saying "Requires
> cooperation from the distribution: as any procedure in fact." under cons.

It is the same principle as software RAID or LVM : the kernel has low-level
support for these things, but userland utilities are needed to set things
up: parse the LVM metadata, detect the RAID arrays, etc. If the root
filesystem is on one of these, it is not possible to boot directly on it,
there must be an initrd with the aforementioned userland utilities.

To boot an ISO image on an USB device, the kernel would need to first mount
the USB device (already a small challenge, since USB is asynchronous, but I
believe it is widely supported nowadays), then find the ISO file on it,
mount it as loopback and pivot on it.

Some initrds provided by live images can do that, but not all.

> The mention of GRML <http://grml.org/> may solve a unrelated issue.

Hopefully, they will be unstuck at some point, the last release in 2014 is
starting to be old.

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