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Multiple live iso's on a single bootable flash drive?

I have some specific use cases in mind.
Case 1.
Demo a variety of Debian DE's to friend having to carry only a single flash drive around rather than a stack of CDs. If they like one I would be able to an install then.
Case 2.
This would be a variation on the first except the target would be my self. It would be a convenient way to experiment with different setups without actually doing an install.
Case 3.
I tend to buy used equipment. They usually have windows on them. I would be able to verify their compatibility with my preferred setup. Flash drive more convenient to carry than a CD/DVD as I've done in the past.
Case 4.
Also a variation on Case 1. In this case the target is a friend living 1000 miles away. If he likes something he could use the built-in installer. I would probably put some apps he might not think of in the empty space of the drive.

I've some untried VAGUE ideas on how to accomplish.

Two questions:
Has this been done before?
Any comments?


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