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Re: all at a sudden Firefox

Juan R. de Silva composed on 2016-04-28 23:43 (UTC):

All at a sudden Firefox started opening all websites with tiny fonts. I
have to hit Ctl++ several times on each new page to be able to reed it.

The only thing changed before the problem showed up - Google Chrome was
updated to the latest version via apt-get. No other changes to the system
were made.

I've no idea what's happened and how to get rid of the problem. Cleaned
cache, history, cookies - all in wain. It's dead boring to keep hitting
Ctl++ on each page.

Anybody? Suggestions?

This is apparently what all web designers intend for users to do. They can't be bothered to build their sites to respect and incorporate users' browser settings. Very few sites I open for the first time don't require me to zoom 4 or more levels to make the page usable, but this happens in all browsers, not just Firefox.

Are you sure you weren't in the View -> Use Style menu accidentally and made a change, or made a switch in advanced font settings to allow pages to choose their own fonts?
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