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Portable Debian?

My system that I built late last year/early this year is running
great, except for the occasional overrun of inbound ssh from such
addresses as 59.*.*.*, 213.*.*.* and others, but that's only because I
have not put any blockers in place, either on my home gateway device
or my Debian system, but that one's on me. I have no GUI desktops
installed, I run completely from CLI and use Speakup for all of it,
including and especially Image for Linux for backup and restore, which
I use on all my Windows machines..

I'd like to take the installed Debian system as it is, write it to a
CD or DVD, and use that as a talking backup/restore disc. Is this
possible? Or should I create a new installation and write it to an ISO
image, or just what should I do to accomplish the goal of creating a
basic talking Debian shell environment that includes a licensed IFL?

As always, thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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