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Re: on-demand mounting of filesystems via Systemd (e.g. /backup)

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 01:44:07PM -0600, John L. Ries wrote:
> >Thanks! I think we need to share more examples on how to use systemd
> >properly. A lot of the criticism stems from the simple fact that people
> >just need to learn what the new tools can do for them.
> That would be an indication that systemd is non-intuitive and poorly
> documented, which has been my impression for the past several years.

That may be, and I've listed several opinions of mine as to ways systemd
could improve for this specific case, in the blog post. However, I have
yet to see a solution to do what I just did with bog-standard shellscripts
or whatever which is clearer or conciser than this solution, despite the

Jonathan Dowland

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