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Re: No login secreen on Jessie

Hi Felix,

I didn't know about Trinity project. I'll read about it.

And thank you also for the tip about Edubuntu.

Many thanks for your attention,

Em 17-04-2016 21:08, Felix Miata escreveu:
Markos composed on 2016-04-17 17:22 (UTC):

I can use this machine only on Sunday mornings.

I will do these tests on next Sunday.

But using this message, do you suggest any Linux distribution, based on
Debian, which would be a good alternative to install on this machine?

Nothing I wrote was meant to imply Jessie was an inappropriate distro choice. Rather, Gnome3 is more demanding than your hardware was designed to support. So, (optionally) removing gnome-desktop, and installing any other desktop is
what I would try first. Several less demanding options are available. My
preference is overwhelmingly TDE, regardless of hardware capability.

https://wiki.trinitydesktop.org/DebianInstall#For_Jessie_.28Debian_8.x.29 has TDE installation instructions. The home page link there will provide better
description than I can offer.

This desktop will beused in educational environment.

Any suggestion?

Unless your 160GB disk installation unusually constrained your / partition size, you can install multiple desktop environments, try each, then simply continue using whichever turns out to be your favorite, optionally removing
the others.

https://wiki.debian.org/DesktopEnvironment lists Debian's primary desktop
options. If you've been a Gnome user in the past, Mate may turn out to be
your preference.

Alternatively, if switching to another distro is your wish, Edubuntu might
turn out to be an ideal choice.

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